3 thoughts on “A THOUGHT FOR TODAY:

  1. Oh wow – just worked out where to click so I can post on your new/old blog. Success, I had missed something. My post of a few moments ago on your May post can be ignored!
    These are lovely photos. Having just returned from Canada’s west coast, I can well appreciate what a lovely opportunity this must be – peace and isolation in a beautiful place. I long for time to spend on my art without interruption from anyone!

  2. So glad to have you visit, Margaret … and so glad you figured this site out .. I haven’t !! LOL !
    If you ever get to central Ontario, let me know and I’ll try to meet up with you 😉
    Getting a chance for to spend time on art without interruption is a godsend … hope you find some soon.

    1. I’d love to meet up with you! We have vague (very vague) ideas about a trip to the Maritimes next autumn but central Ontario is not, sadly on our list for now, but I will keep you posted!
      Meanwhile, we can now meet online again …

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