Boy ! This is hard on this old brain !

A beautiful morning October 3, 2017

Trying to get myself oriented to this new/old blog is more troublesome than I had thought !

I can’t even figure out how to make my words black … every word is blue & hard to see. Sure, I can manually change the colour but I’d much rather be able to sit and type my words and they would be black.  I change every line or paragraph to black but the blue returns when I start  a new paragraph … I want the black right out of the gate !

If anyone could help, I’d really appreciate it !

Then, I have trouble figuring out how to establish posts in order !??!

S**t, have to change the blue again to black ! It’s just too hard to re-over my words when they are blue … these old eyes are ‘blue’ !

I might have to drop this site totally and find a new webmaker !



Hello Again

Wow … BLOGGER has really disappointed me !

For some strange reason my original blog, Threadpainters Art, is not accessable by me anymore. The problem, I assume, is the fact that I write another blog (on BLOGGER), for a group. I had used separate email addresses and separate passwords !

The two have been separate for years … until now ! I certainly do not want to write my personal stuff on the group blog, so here Iam … on and off for many years now … but back at trying to keep a blog going for the many followers of Threadpainters Art whom I will try to notify of my new address.

AND … has no ‘contact us’ form where I could explain, in an email, what my problem is and then they could tell me what has happened … that I have lost the accessability to my original blog !

This was my last BLOGGER post;

Esther Is Ready For Her Debut !

What a lovely week as far as weather goes ! Sunny, warm, some breeze and lovely skies.  And I mention this as we have had one of the wettest, darkest and coldest springs/summers in a long while … so very noteworthy !
My peonies were exquisite  … for exactly 3 days … then the heavy rains bowed their beautiful heads.
My daughter is settled in her new home, deer and black bear are walking across her lawns and the 3 little girls are happy and excited. Daddy is glad to have his family at home (his hometown) after 5 mos. of commuting weekends to be with them here. 
Grandma is coming to terms (but, slowly yet) that they are so far away… yeah, I know !, 4 hrs is a cake-walk for some of you 😦 😦
And I thank you all, so much, for sharing your kind words and thoughts with me … you words are very comforting and you are truly appreciated 🙂 🙂
Luckily for me, this week was a busy one. I finished and packaged ‘Esther’ for her debut in our next show ;
by Connections Fibre Artists.
Would love it if you could join me
at the OPENING this
Friday, July 14, 7-9pm
Esther Irene Deacon Currie

Esther has been a more difficult piece for me. I know that my mixed emotions these last 10 months, has played a major part … but she seems happy and I can hardly wait to see her hanging on a gallery wall. Her name ‘Esther’ is sewn in an arc just above the leaves (easier to read when up front and personal) and the year of her birth is written in a leaf … can you spot it ?

And then there is this piece … finally finished … inspired by a photo from a friends’ vacation in Costa Rica … of a building in ruin but slated for renovations hence the attempt to close it off from traffic with what looks like re-bar.  

Adding the re-bar to the surface after canvas was stretched
– re-bar is painted sticks from a sushi mat – closer-up
Study Of A Ruin

On Wednesday I joined 4 others for a lovely drive to Collingwood to have lunch at the Tremont Artists Studio Galleries with Helen, Ann, Elizabeth & Penny, on the patio. You can see our waiter’s reflection in the window taking our photo 😉

And an equally lovely drive on Friday to Stratford, Ontario with Elizabeth to deliver some pieces for the show opening there next week … and finishing with a great lunch at the Desert Rose Cafe in Elora, Ontario !!!
Now if the next few weeks go as nicely and as quickly, I won’t have a minute to spend on my achy-breaky heart 😉


IMG_20170625_133243A while ago, while house-sitting for a friend on holiday, I open an email from her with photos from her trip. I fell in love with one … of a building that was designated for restoration. I asked and she agreed that I could borrow her photo for a piece of fibre art.