Better Late Than Never

I, again, have neglected this blog … a change is in the future. I have been having some difficuulty with another blog of mine and I may find it time to leave it behind. What a shame though … so many years, and much art, recorded there !

I have been working lately on a series of portraits that showcase the direct female line of the maternal side of my family. About ten years ago, book called ‘The Seven Daughters Of Eve’, grabbed my attention and my interest in mtDNA. So, I had my myDNA tested and I found out that mtDNA is passed ONLY from mother to daughter ! How interesting is that ! And, my earliest ‘mother’ was born approx. 11,000 years ago. How unfortunate that I will never know anything about her … only that her line mutated from another … and can be traced back to the original Eve. But, through my amateur attempts at genealogy, I know who my, maternal side, is !

Her name was Laura Fields, her daughter was Nancy Greer > Margaret Davidson > Esther Irene Deacon > Laura Irene Deacon > ME !

I have photos of Margaret Davidson on down and when my series is complete up to me, I hope to add portraits of my daughters (3) and my granddaughters (5) 😉 Gee, now that I have written it down it seems like daunting task !

Scan 9

Margaret Davidson, gr.grandmother

Esther Irene Deacon Currie

Esther Irene Deacon, grandmother

Laura Irene Currie Deacon

Laura Irene Currie, mother

Posterized Me

Sharron Elizabeth Deacon, ME !

Two portraits have been completed ;


Sharron Elizabeth Deacon, me !



Margaret Davidson

Lots of work ahead … starting Esther Irene Deacon next week !






2 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never

  1. Thanks Carol … my latest threadpaintings … and I literally mean just thread … are very satisfying to me, and I love the work. Ester Irene is almosy finished and ready for a show in Strattford, Ontario next month. My selfie is still travelling and Margaret Deacon just finished a show. Laura Irene Currie Deacon is waiting in the lines 😉

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